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I WANT to leave college and get a job where they’ll train me up while I’m working, but my mum says I’m ruining my life.
I’m a 17-year-old boy and started college in September. I recently decided that college wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the course and hated being back at what felt the same as school.

I talked to my tutor and he suggested I look for an apprenticeship or something like that. The college have been very helpful.

I told my parents and my dad has been great. He has helped me with my CV and taken me round different companies to give them out.

But all my mum does is shout at me. I have agreed with her that it’s hard to find a job, especially with no A levels, but I got good GCSEs, all As and Bs.

She doesn’t seem to realise how difficult things are now. When she was my age going to university was the way ahead, but it isn’t like that now and she won’t accept it.

How can I find a job with prospects and how can I get my mum off my back?

Good for you that you know what you want to do. You are far less likely to do well when you are doing a course you don’t like.
Apprenticeships can be a great way to start a successful career and you can earn while you’re training and gaining qualifications.

Contact the National Apprenticeships Service who have around 8,000 jobs on apprenticeship vacancies at any one time.

They run a vacancy-matching service and offer advice to young people and their parents. Check out their website for more information (www.apprenticeships.org.uk).

I hope that your mum will see that you are serious about this and give you a break. Your father understands how you feel, so ask him to talk to her about it.
My leaflet for job hunters has practical tips on giving yourself the best chances in of landing a job or an apprenticeship.

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