A bilateral agreement has been reached between governments in the UK and China regarding vocational education.

Under the plans, the two administrations intend to work together in order to enhance workplace skills, the British Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has revealed.

Thought to a groundbreaking pact, the memorandum of understanding was signed by John Hayes, the UK education, skills and lifelong learning minister, as he carried out an official visit to Beijing.

It will be in effect for three years and Mr Hayes predicted it will drive forward collaborations between China and Britain, strengthening the relationship between the two nations.

“I am particularly pleased with the Chinese interest in our apprenticeship model,” he added. “Apprenticeships are at the heart of the British government’s approach to vocational education.”

In June, a trade agreement was signed by China’s premier Wen Jiabao and UK prime minister David Cameron during a official visit by the former to Britain, with areas such as civil engineering, research and development and food covered by the £1.4 billion commitment.

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