At NEAC we believe and are committed to ensuring that all of our apprentices get the support they need to feel that they are a valued member of staff both within NEAC, but also within the host employers that we use.

The report below shows how vital ensuring as providers and support agencies for apprentices that we have robust methods of making our young people feel safe in order that they can flourish in the workplace. NEAC ensures that we use clear criteria to make sure that we are only working with employers who are committed to developing young people with a long term vision for sustainable jobs and continued learning.

To this end, we have over the past year turned away employers that just want cheap labour. We all have the responsibility to route this out..

A growing number of younger workers are complaining of stress, accusing their bosses are using the tough economic climate to justify increasing their workload.

A report by market research agency GfK NOP Engage suggests they are feeling the pressure more than their older colleagues.
Two fifths of those aged between 18 and 29 felt stressed at work, compared with 1 in 4 aged over 60.

Four in 10 of the younger age group said their managers were using the recession to justify putting work on them, according to the survey.
It is suggested they are paying a “heavy price” with their health and wellbeing, as a result.

According to an international study for the report, the UK ranked 17 out of 29 countries for engagement of their young workers with their employer, behind countries including Macedonia, Turkey, Mexico, France and the United States.

Sukhi Ghataore, director at GfK NOP Engage, said: “Businesses that view young staff as cheap and expendable may well come to count the cost.
“During tough times, engaged employees and a united workforce are a necessity, not a luxury.”

“Let’s make sure we make the workplace a better place for our young people, our workforce of the future”

Paul Champion CEO NEAC

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