Well everyone, it’s getting closer and closer to the day that I leave for Everest.

I will hopefully be able to give you regular updates en route, depending on connection to Internet and cellular service, but I will do my best.

Please remember its all for a great cause: the Teenage Cancer Trust http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/paulchampion

The first trial is to get all of this into the red bag!!!

Amazingly I managed, and way under weight as well. I hope the rest of the trip is that easy…. But I very much doubt it!!!

Well I’ll post more as Sunday approaches.

A trip to London and Peterborough first. Keep coming back for Everest Trip News, to donate cash and for the best good news stories about Apprenticeships you can find anywhere in the universe.

Pass link onto all your friends, contacts or rich people!!

— Post From My Amazing Wandering iPhone

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