Budget 2011: technical colleges and apprenticeships planned to tackle youth unemployment

Today the Government has announced the creation of up to 24 technical colleges, in an attempt to train up students between the ages of 11 and 19 in vocational skills.

This afternoon as part of his ‘Budget for Growth’, chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne claimed employees in the UK were lower skilled and lower qualified than their counterparts in France and Germany.

To get over this, Osborne announced the creation of 12 vocational technical colleges this year, where students will be trained in work skills and have direct relationships with employers. It is planned that this number will grow to 24 by 2014.

In another move to reduce youth unemployment, the chancellor announced plans to increase the number of apprentices. According to the chancellor’s figures, only one in 10 employers in the UK offers apprenticeships, compared to one in four in Austria. In a bid to help young people into employment, Osborne announced an investment of £40 million to fund apprenticeships.

The chancellor said he hopes to create 100,000 apprenticeships over the next 10 years to “secure jobs and more growth”.

Paul Champion (CEO NEAC) said “this is avery exciting time to be part of the apprenticeship scene. We all have the responsibility to ensure our young people get the highest quality skills they can and the best opportunities open to them to have a bright future in the job market. NEAC is commited to taking up this challenge and we are always looking for likeminded employers to help us with this challenge”

If you want to be part ensuring that the UK becomes more skilled and more competative through investment in its young people, and you think you want to share this responsibility with the North East Apprenticeship Company, then give us a call on 0191 4902453 or visit http://www.neapprenticeship.co.uk.

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