Green Apprenticeships
Green Apprentices can bring real benefit to your business

Governments, business, industry and individuals are adapting in order to reduce their impact on the environment. In response to this, the ‘green’ jobs market is growing to accommodate the increased demand for environmental services.

To support these services, the NE Apprenticeship Company and Environmental Academy have developed the ‘Green Apprenticeship Scheme’. The starting cost to hire an apprentice is just £115 per week. We screen and select the right apprentice for your organisation and offer support along the way.

The starting cost of having an apprentice sourced and supported by us is £115 per week. This comprises of their salary plus a service charge to cover the management costs of employing and supporting the apprentice. In addition, we organise the latest training available from the Environmental Academy to equip the apprentice with the right environmental skills for the job. We can even arrange for your apprentice to be ‘shared’ across a number of organisations should you struggle to meet the ongoing costs.

To find out more about hiring an Apprentice please call Judith Jackson on 0191 490 4616.

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